Bringing Brands Beyond Borders

A modern partner for adventurous brands


We help companies connect with audiences through a deep understanding of new markets, cultures and behaviours.


We believe in passionate companies, no matter the challenge.


And we think globally, Bringing Brands Beyond Borders.

What we do


Orizon facilitate a smooth transition into new markets for both emerging and established brands. Specialising in Global Trade and Marketing with a focus on East to Western markets and vice-versa. Based in Taipei, Taiwan our global, multilinguistic team undertake each aspect of new market entry and B2B communications.


  • Sourcing
  • Negotiation
  • Logistics
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Branding
  • Communication

Our story


Three European entrepreneurs met in Asia in 2016. With a collective background in Import-Export, International Trade, Logistics, and Sales and Marketing they would often speak of today's increased opportunities for brands to break into new markets regardless of their background or global standing. However, the problem often lies in their lack of knowledge of foreign markets, cultures and behaviours.


With their diverse network of global channels, understanding of both Asian and Western markets and their strategic positioning in Taiwan, the heart of Asia, they decided to create a company that would help bring brands beyond borders regardless of their size. And so began Orizon, a modern partner for adventurous brands.

Conor Murphy

Managing Partner


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Antoine Sylvestre

Managing Partner


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Landry Benoit

Managing Partner


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Taipei Office

10 Dehui St. Taipei, TW



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